It is no secret that the UK’s weather can be unpredictable and, at times, very unpleasant. With climate change making extreme weather ever more extreme, there is plenty wilder weather in store.

How can you protect your home?

Storms ahead!

After three gales in February 2022, UK households made 170,000 insurance claims1, with insurance firms paying out £473m to support affected homes, highlighting the disruption that weather events can cause –and the importance of having protection in place.


Protection is key

In 2024, storms Minnie, Olga and Stewart are all expected to hit. Before they do, simple measures like putting away garden furniture and firmly shutting windows can help prevent damage.

The key step, though, is having suitable home insurance. Many policies cover some level of storm and wind damage, however there are limitations. Most insurers have an official definition of a storm based on a certain speed the winds need to reach.


What is covered?

Most home insurance will cover you in the event of wind and water damage, sewer back-up, roof damage and loss of power. Not all policies protect against damage to hedges, gates or fences.


Get in touch

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