How does it work?

Through this arrangement, you transfer a portion or the entirety of your home to an equity release provider in exchange for a lump sum and a secured lifetime lease that eliminates monthly repayments. While you forfeit ownership of the property, you are assured the right to reside in your home for the duration of your life. You can give up part of the property or all of it depending on your circumstances.



  • No need for monthly payments.
  • You have the option to receive the funds as a lump sum or regular income.
  • You can designate a set percentage of equity to be passed on to your estate.
  • Typically accessible to older homeowners, but potentially available to individuals aged 55 and above.
  • The amount you can release increases as you get older.



  • You will only benefit from a fraction of any growth in property value, determined by the percentage of ownership you maintain.
  • Home reversion schemes typically cannot be reversed, as you are selling a share of your property.
  • Providers of home reversion plans typically do not assure additional advancements.
  • Early termination of the plan may incur Early Repayment Charges (ERC).
  • Your tax status and qualification for means-tested benefits may be impacted.


Please note:

Our Equity Release service is arranged by introduction only.


Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion plans are a long-term commitment which could accumulate interest and is secured against your home. Equity release is not right for everyone and may reduce the value of your estate.

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