What is Landlords Insurance?

Landlord Insurance is cover that protects landlords against any unpredictable events and from risks associated with their rental property. It usually includes any building you own/rent and can include the contents of those buildings too.

Renting out your own property and then leaving it in the hands of strangers is understandably daunting, which is why Landlord Insurance exists in the first place. If you can’t be sure that you can trust your tenants to look after your property to the same standard that you would, taking out Landlord Insurance can provide you with a safety net, if you were to find your property damaged or abandoned. You are also protected should any tenants claim against you. This is different to home insurance as it includes cover for problems that specifically landlords may face.

Perhaps you’ve only just purchased your first buy-to-let property and you require professional insight, or maybe you own multiple properties and you’re looking for insurance that covers every eventuality. Whatever the reason, our experienced team has the knowledge and experience to point you in the right direction.


What are the different types of Landlords Insurance?

Landlord Contents Insurance

This insurance is especially important for those who rent a furnished property as it can pay for any repairs or replacements if your possessions have been stolen, damaged or destroyed.

Property Owner’s Liability Insurance

This insurance is designed to protect you from injury or damage claims related to your rental property. An example is loose or slippery flooring which can lead to slips and trips. This is a type of public liability insurance built specifically for landlords. 

Tenant Default Insurance

This insurance is there to cover your rent for a set period of time if your tenant fails to pay their rent.

Unoccupied Property Insurance

This is a type of insurance can be taken out by landlords to protect their property whilst they don’t have any tenants living there.

Landlords Building Insurance

This insurance covers the property itself as long as you have buildings insurance as part of your policy. It can cover the costs of rebuilding or repairing your property if it gets damaged by events such as fire or vandalism.


If you need professional advice for Landlord Insurance, our knowledge and expertise make us well-placed to find insurance that works for you. Many landlords end up with generic insurance that fails you when you need it the most, but here at CCFPL, we work with the biggest insurance providers in the industry to source through and ensure we find you an insurance policy that fits all your needs – whatever they may be.




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